We're creating a place for everyday people to talk about race.

A private learning community dedicated to civil discourse on racism and other social justice issues.

The Commoveo Institute Learning Network

Welcome to The Commoveo Institute Learning Network

We're creating a safe space on the internet to talk about racism, social justice, and other complex issues of the human experience.

About Us

The Commoveo Institute works to strengthen the collective response to complex social justice challenges by providing information, resources, and ideas that transform abstract concepts into practical and actionable strategies for everyday people. We encourage critical thinking, personal reflection, and civil discourse in our journeys toward a more just future for all.

Is This Space For You?

If you are looking for another place on the internet to speak more than you listen and yell at people who do not share your views, then no. This is not the space for you.

This learning network is a safe space to have tough conversations, learn new information, and connect with other people just trying to figure it all out and be better humans to and for other humans. We reject harmful interactions in this space and work diligently to create an intentional and respectful space where personal learning is the primary goal. 

If you are looking to connect and challenge yourself and learn new things in a community of people who are open thinkers even when they disagree, welcome.

Community Guidelines

Work for you?

We'd love to have you join us. Submit a request to join and we'll get you all set up.

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